Turn Your Photos into Postcard in a Single Click

It sounds like so old fashioned but sending postcard is still a fun and very interesting thing to do. When we are traveling to a nice place, we can buy postcards there and send it to families and friends as souvenir. Sending postcard is also a great way to send greeting for people we know.

It is true that in this digital era, people tend to use emails or even chat messages to send greetings. But still, it can truly replace the joy of received physical printed postcard or greeting card. We need to maintain this tradition to keep the personal touch in social relationship. But it doesn’t mean we can’t make it relevant with the modern world we’re living and its digital technology. Meet MyPostcard App, a smartphone app designed to easily generate custom or personalized postcard or greeting card. Using this app you can use your photos or art works to create greeting card online. Isn’t it really exciting that you can have a postcard or greeting with your own photos? There’s no more personal greeting card than that!

Using MyPostcard App, you can create custom card within few seconds. The app has easy to use interface allowing you to upload selected photos and makes customization including editing and adding text easily. Even without any graphic design skill, you can create professional quality custom greeting card using this app. Once the design is ready, submit it and MyPostcard will print the card with excellent quality. You can even opt that the printed card delivered directly to the one you are sending the card. It’s that easy and simple. Now everywhere you go, you can take photos as memento and share it to loved ones by creating greeting cards and send it to them. With MyPostcard, old fashioned post card becomes trendy and relevant again. 

Travel Related Hospitality Communities Worldwide


Hospitality industry has been growing day by day, as more and more people have started traveling quite frequently to the distinct parts of the World. With the advent of Internet, and advancement of technology, several communities have started their websites as well, to improve upon their chances of making their communities famous and a hit among the people. And in a process, earn handsomely, and manage and maintain their communities.

There are several travel communities, like, CouchSurfing, Hospitality, Servas, Globalfreeloaders, AirBnB, BeWelcome, Wayn, and several others. Some of these started as a non-profit organization, but later on changed their status to Business Corporation, which was not liked by it’s Volunteers itself, and it’s members.

However, almost all of these communities are one of the most famous organizations in the World. These communities are not only active online, but very active or shall I say more active offline. They have regular events, meetups, hosts, guests, and travelers. They provide a couch or a bed or even the floor for free or for some nominal amount to the guests, travelers, and members of their communities. It’s at hosts discretion though, whether to provide food and/or other facilities or not.

Travelers are expected to write a couch/bed/floor request first through the community’s website, and if their hosts accept the request, they are provided with free home stays, and/or by submitting a nominal fee. Lots of travelers have been benefitted worldwide, by such interesting, accommodating, and great communities.

However, everything has some pros and cons, similarly, these great traveling communities have their share of it too. Some of the travelers were cheated, duped, harassed, stolen, molested, raped, and even killed in various parts of the World. I was in Goa, India at Christmas, and NYE, and got to know that one guy from some European country was killed by someone, and the reasons were unknown, as he was found dead in his hotel room. He was a part of one of these great communities, and was very excited, happy and enjoyed by posting on the community’s open forums, and meeting the other members of that community, but was not aware that his days or moments of his life were about to have an abrupt end, because of that very community he was a part of.

Many other incidents have been taking place quite often. There have been several women, who have been complaining about it’s members, especially guys, who trouble, spam, harass, rape, steal, cheat women, and as I said even murder sometimes. But, Is someone listening to them, Is their security taken care of, Is something concrete happening regarding their cases???? No, not at all. The case goes on for sometime. Women/Men post regarding their ridiculous experiences on open forums to let others know, and seek their help, but most of the members support the culprits only, rather than supporting the victims. One reason is, members have their set groups of members, whom they support, so if anything happens against them they simply support them by being biased. Lots of manipulations goes on regarding hosting, meeting, traveling, itineraries, who gets to meet/host/travel with someone and who doesn’t, even if it means defaming the other hosts/members without any reason. So, after getting no support or almost negligible support, women/men rest their cases, and forget about getting any justice, either leaving the community, stop using the community, or kicked out of the community.

This makes me reach to a conclusion that, such communities can be used, but it’s better to use it more for information rather than finding people to meet, host, and travel with, as they are also not any different from the other ordinary people. Though, the ordinary people are certainly much better when you go on the streets yourself, visit different places, and interact with them, at least they are not going to do anything, which you can’t handle, as they don’t know much information about you, and you are not staying at their place or traveling with them or so close to them, so you can easily move away from them without any problem, But, the same can’t be said about the community members.

Allow us to introduce ourselves, we are reservations.com a hotel booking platform enabling you to experience travel in a whole new way. Accessing hotels in the place you’re going from wherever you live. We would like you to feature us on your blog with excitement, we offer a range of search options from cheap to deluxe on our site to better serve our consumer’s needs.

Toddler Travel Beds and Hotel Accommodations

Going on vacation should be a time of peace and relaxation. However, when traveling with a toddler this can be the exact opposite. You don’t need the added stress of worrying about where your child will sleep for the night. But, if you forgot to reserve a hotel crib, you will have to make a temporary sleeping area for your toddler. Toddler travel beds can relieve this added stress.

Normally, you have the option of putting your child into his crib or toddler bed. However, when on vacation you do not have this option. In the end, you have to make temporary or “makeshift” sleeping arrangements for your child. There are numerous ways that parents choose to handle hotel sleeping arrangements.

How many times have you made a soft pallet of blankets and comforters for your child and put him on the hotel floor? There are toddler travel beds that could have made him more comfortable.

How many times have you put two chairs together and placed your child on top of them? There are toddler travel beds that could have saved you the hassle of making this makeshift bed.

How many times have you put a chair up against the hotel bed so that your toddler could not fall out of bed? There are toddler bed rails that could have prevented his fall.

How many times have you put your child into your bed for the night? You can use toddler travel beds to ensure that both you and your child will be comfortable…the next time.

The bottom line is that none of these makeshift sleeping arrangements worked very well. Did they? Your toddler was probably very restless all night. As a result, you probably did not get a wink of sleep either. Now, if you multiply this times the amount of nights spent on vacation, chances are you were probably a walking zombie when you returned home. Wow! This should have been a relaxing vacation. You should have gotten plenty of rest. However, you spent most of your night comforting your toddler who was sleeping on a makeshift bed. A toddler travel bed would have provided a better outcome.

Some will say that this is one of those sacrifices that a parent has to make. Not! Yes, you are a great parent. You will do anything for your little angel. But, shouldn’t that also include providing the best sleeping accommodations possible?

Contrary to belief, toddler travel beds are not expensive. Many of them are reasonably priced. Toddler travel beds are designed to be portable,lightweight, safe and convenient. Many even come with their own traveling cases. You can pack them and set them up in your hotel room at your own convenience. Your child is happy. You are happy. Everyone gets a good night of sleep. All is well.

Allow us to introduce ourselves, we are reservations.com a hotel booking platform enabling you to experience travel in a whole new way. Accessing hotels in the place you’re going from wherever you live. We would like you to feature us on your blog with excitement, we offer a range of search options from cheap to deluxe on our site to better serve our consumer’s needs.

The California Travel and Tourism Commission is a Great Touristic Resource

It has been said that those who are considering vacation travel to the great, golden state of California really have an underlying desire to “be Californians,” even if it’s only for the brief time that they are vacationing there. As a result, more and more potential California vacationers are looking to the state’s completely redesigned travel and tourism website to help them learn all about becoming a “temporary Californian.”

The state of California has an official department, or commission, that is structured to help promote and encourage people to travel throughout the vast state to take in all of the sights and wonders of the many tourist attraction destinations. It is the California Travel and Tourism Commission, or CTTC, which began promoting the idea of calling vacation travel visitors “Honorary Californians.”

The essential idea of this nomenclature is to encourage tourists to do much more than just visit the various tourist destinations. Instead, the California Travel and Tourism Commission wants vacationers to embrace the full experience of California’s easygoing, laid-back lifestyle and soak up the culture just like a local.

The CTTC has put together an extensive website. The impressive online presence is an attempt to compete aggressively for the attention of those planning to travel and who are looking for vacation ideas, for the ideal family vacation and great tourist destinations. They have provided an online tourism and travel guide that is intended to help potential visitors to the state to fall in love with the destination even before they arrive.

The CTTC website has gone a long way in accomplishing this goal by giving the website visitor a great deal of information about the “must see” tourist attraction options, as well as highlighting the many world renowned landmarks around the state. And, if that were not enough, there is also extensive revelations about “inside scoops” that further give people insights about where to go and what to see to make the vacation travel visitor feel even more connected and like a Californian, honorary or not.

And, true to the very image of style, fun and uniqueness, the state’s website provides all of this information, and much more, in a way that is visually appealing, engaging, and fun. This approach certainly helps to set the stage for the California experience and helps to draw people in and retain their attention. In the highly competitive world of travel tourism, this is very important and the consensus is that the CTTC has done a very good job at providing a compelling tourist guide.

From where to gingerly sip a trendy drink at a casual Los Angeles hideaway, to catching the rays on a sun-baked San Diego beach, to soaking up the high life at a posh Napa Valley spa, the California Travel and Tourism Commission’s website, at “Visit California”, has captured and cataloged the local California hotspots and revealed hidden state treasures. For travelers who like to pre-plan their itinerary, the site even offers an extensive menu of trip ideas, complete with Google maps.

Travel and Tourism Curriculum Explained

Many people who want to go into the travel and tourism industry have never had the benefits of academic travel and tourism curriculum explained to them, so they do not understand why it is so important to get an education in order to excel in this industry. Although becoming a travel agent or working for an airline doesn’t necessarily require a degree, many employers in these and other industries prefer educated applicants, and some jobs require it. If you are passionate about this industry and have the education to prove how qualified you are, you will be more likely to get the tourism jobs you’ve dreamed of.

Travel and tourism curriculum varies depending on the school you’re attending, the degree or certificate you’re going after and the specialization you are studying. You will most likely take courses in business and management as well as classes about travel consulting, accounting, restaurant and hospitality operations, communications, international travel and more. If you earn a bachelor’s degree from a traditional four-year university you will also need to take general courses in subjects like math, science, English and history to graduate.

Although this type of degree or training program is not required for many of the available tourism jobs, it will prepare you for a more lucrative career and make you a more attractive applicant when you begin looking for employment. The curriculum will vary depending on whether you are looking for basic credentials or a certificate or degree, but in any case you will learn valuable lessons about the industry. You will also have opportunities to complete internship programs that provide hands-on experience in the tourism industry. For this reason you may want to consider attending school in an area where travel and tourism are popular.

There are travel and tourism curriculum programs at online universities, vocational schools, community colleges and traditional four-year colleges and universities. It would be wise to explore all your options and choose the best path for your particular career goals. With the right training, a rewarding career in the travel and tourism industry awaits.

Online Travel and Tourism Career Preparation

When looking to pursue a career in travel and tourism an education will help you to obtain the skills and knowledge you need to be successful. Becoming a professional can require you to learn various skills in order to provide the best services. Online career preparation is available through numerous schools and colleges. Online learning programs offer training at the certificate and degree level. You can start by looking into the level of education and career you wish to obtain.

Learning to work in the field of travel and tourism can be done by completing an accredited educational training program. This can be done online from the comfort and leisure of your own home. Training options include being able to pursue various certificates and degrees ranging from an associate to a master level. The length of training will be based on the level of education you decide you want to earn.

Certificates can require anywhere from several weeks to one years of accredited online training.
Associate degrees typically take two years to complete and obtain in the field of travel and tourism.
Bachelor degree programs can require you to fulfill four years of online learning to obtain.
Master degrees will take you an additional two years of accredited online study to earn.

When you choose to pursue an education and career in this field, you will be able to study various topics that will help you to complete all required training.

Coursework differs between online career preparation programs as well as the level of desired education. You can expect to learn a variety of subjects that relate to your specific career and education goals. Subjects of study may consist of:

Marketing and Sales Techniques
Computer and Reservation Systems
Accounting and Bookkeeping Courses
Cruise Line Information
Travel Destinations

…and many other courses that may relate. Online learning provides you with skills in these areas to help you enter into a successful career. You can choose from a number of professions in travel and tourism by earning an accredited online degree or certificate.

Possible career will vary based on the level of education you choose to pursue. You can expect to receive the training needed to enter into employment as a:

Cruise Sales Manager
Travel Agent
Corporate Travel Counselor
Property Manager

…and many other travel and tourism related professions. You can be sure that the education you receive will prepare you for career such as these by ensuring it carries full accreditation.

Travel and Tourism Career Training and Preparation Options Online

The field of travel and tourism requires a special knowledge of hospitality mixed with the desire to work with various people assisting them in their vacation and travel needs. The skills needed to work in this field can be obtained through an accredited online school or college. You can choose to study a specialized area of the field or gain knowledge of every aspect. Online career preparation options include earning an accredited certificate or degree, and training can be completed from home without jeopardizing you current employment or lifestyle.

There are numerous career options to choose from when looking to enter into a profession in travel and tourism. Online studies can help to prepare you for an exciting career in travel and tourism or hospitality. You can seek out a career as a:

Cruise Sales Manager
Travel Agent
Corporate Travel Counselor
Property Manager

…and many other professions.

When pursuing a career in this field you should make sure the educational program you choose carries full accreditation. This will help you to gain the quality education you need and deserve.

Depending on the career you wish to enter, you can expect to study a variety of subjects. Coursework will relate to the career and level of education you choose to pursue. Studies may consist of courses in bookkeeping, sales techniques, reservation systems, accounting, cruise line information, travel destinations, and much more. You can prepare for a career working with various people to plan and create the travel experience they desire. Training online will give you the leisure to study when it is convenient for you. Training in this exciting field will help you to obtain the skills needed to pursue the employment you desire.

You have the option of choosing to obtain an accredited online certificate or degree, by enrolling in the school or college that fits your personal needs and goals. Online career preparation is available to prepare you for the career of your dreams. You can choose to gain an accredited:

Associate Degree
Bachelor Degree
Master Degree

The level of education you choose to pursue will help decide the length of time you will need to spend on coursework and training. Accredited certificates and diplomas can range anywhere from six months to one year. Obtaining an associate level degree will require two years, and a bachelor program can take four years to complete. Completion of a master level degree training program will require an additional two years of online study.

Travel and Tourism Schools – Higher Education Options

By enrolling in an accredited school, college, or degree program you can obtain an education in travel and tourism. This will help you to pursue the career you desire by providing you with the skills needed to succeed. There are numerous higher education options offered by travel and tourism schools that allow you the chance to prepare for the career you dream of. You can find a program that meets your individual career goals and educational needs and request more information about higher education options.

Opportunities to obtain an education in this field are available through various accredited schools and colleges. You can pursue the training that is right for you and receive the certificate or degree that is needed for the career you desire. Different options are available depending on the educational training facility. You can begin the path to a new career by first obtaining an accredited:

Associate Degree
Bachelor Degree
Master Degree

Once you have chosen the level of education that you wish to receive you can decide on the career that you would like to enter into after graduation. With enrollment in an accredited career training program you can be on your way to an exciting future.

There are a number of career opportunities available to you in the field of travel and tourism. You can work with a variety of people providing information about hotel accommodations, cruises, currency exchange rates, attractions, and much more. Employment opportunities consist of working as a professional:

Travel Agent
Cruise Sales Manager
Property Manager

…and much more. Once you have decided on the level of education and career that you wish to pursue, you can begin completing all required coursework and training in order to prepare for entrance into the workforce.

Coursework will be different based on the level of education as well as the career that you have chosen. Most schools and colleges will provide the same accredited coursework but some will differ depending on the career path you have chosen. Topics of study can allow you to learn hospitality, sales and marketing, terminology, computers, reservation, and much more. By receiving an accredited education in these subjects you will be ready to seek the employment you dream of. You will be able to work in transportation, geography, hospitality, and much more. Begin the path to a new career by finding a program and enrolling today.

Travel and Tourism Online – Learning From a Distance

A lot goes into traveling outside the actual trip. The plan to get to a destination is only a small detail when compared to the overall experience of a vacation or business trip. Online colleges offer training in travel and tourism for the individual who wants to think and do all the necessary things that go into planning a trip. Prospective students can earn a degree online and be working with clients to help them get the most of their money when traveling.

There are a variety of benefits from attending school online.

Learning from a distance allows individuals to choose their study pace and take classes inside the comfort of their own home.
Online schooling in travel and tourism permits students to study on days that are set by them not the college or program.
Students have the ability to complete all the phases of education without the hassle of commuting to a campus everyday.
This is a high advantage for disabled individuals who are unable to commute to a campus and attend classes.

More colleges and universities are adding online degree programs in travel and tourism, which is enabling students to gain a better education with higher degree choices than a certificate program or associate’s degree.

Prospective students have numerous choices when it comes to education programs. Students have the option to gain an education from accredited online colleges and universities starting at an associate’s degree in travel and tourism to a master in business administration for hospitality and tourism management. The opportunities for students to gain an online education in this field is widening and programs are preparing students in numerous ways. Through coursework students will learn about:

sales techniques
travel destinations
reservation systems

An online degree in this area could provide the best career preparation and have graduates working in many different aspects of travel and tourism.

Travel agents have more responsibility to their clients than just booking travel and securing them a discount. The job description for a travel agent encompasses the entire trip whether it’s for leisure or business. A travel agent will arrange:

food options

Whatever a client is looking for in regards to their trip a travel agent will spend time getting the best discounts, looking up travel packages, and exploring what activities the destination has to offer their client. Along with the above responsibilities an agent will be the number one source on things like the weather, local customs for international travel, site attractions, money exchange rates, and more.

A new trend is developing for individuals who gain a travel and tourism degree through an online school. More students are becoming specialists in a particular area. Meaning they are choosing to become highly knowledgeable in one area like a culture, destination, or interest. This type of travel and tourism agent is particularly useful for clients who are traveling internationally. Becoming a specialist will require the student to learn the customs and in some cases the languages of a chosen location. With increasing demands on travel agents from their clients, gaining a degree in the field is becoming extremely important.

Travel and Tourism Career Training Possibilities Online

Career education programs are available online for those who can’t commit to attending traditional classes. Deciding to pursue a career in the hospitality field can give students the chance to gain the skills they need to enter the workforce. Knowledge learned will prepare students to seek employment in the specialized area of their choice. Online schools and colleges provide students with the opportunity to obtain an accredited education in travel and tourism. By doing so students can pursue a number of careers by obtaining various certificates and degrees.

Students can learn a number of things prior to enrollment in an online training program.
The level of education students choose to obtain will decide on the career possibilities available to them. Coursework will also depend on the level of education and desired career of each student. Students can prepare to work with people providing travel services and information when needed. Studies can be completed from the comforts of home at the students own leisure, allowing students to continue their current employment.
Obtaining an education will prepare students to seek the employment that they dream of.

Degree Options

Online career training programs can be completed at a variety of levels. Each individual student will need to complete the degree program that is necessary for their desired career. Training options can include earning a:

Associate Degree
Bachelor Degree
Master Degree

Students who pursue an education at these levels will be able to prepare for the successful career they need in travel and tourism. These levels of education can be completed by studying and passing all required courses.


Students will be required to study various subjects based on the career they long for and the level of education being pursued. Accredited online training will allow students to attend courses in accounting, reservation systems, bookkeeping, travel destinations, cruise lines, sales techniques, and other subjects that related to specific careers in this field. Learning the skills and knowledge provided by these courses will prepare students for an exciting travel and tourism career.


There are numerous career possibilities when it comes to working in the hospitality field. Students who choose to gain an accredited online education have a number of career options to pick from. Training will prepare students to work in hospitality as travel and tourism managers, travel coordinators, travel agents, travel clerks, and other professions in this field. By pursuing the online educational training needed to enter into these careers, students will be on their way to seeking successful employment.